Production Planning

The product is ideal for planning ahead the resources in industrial manufacturing.

In Production Planning System, resources (machines, human-resources or mix of both) are shown as column headings. Dates (or time periods e.g. shifts) are shown as row headings. This brings you to a planning board that gives you the clear picture of resource usages against time.

All planning is done visually, by just dragging and dropping the jobs on the planning board. Jobs are identified by different colors and patterns on the planning board. You can move the entire job horizontally (that means shifting to other resource) or vertically (that means changing the production time period). In addition to moving the entire job, you can just moves the job planned on a single resource (in case that resource is down) or you can just move one resource-day to another. This gives you the flexibility to make different shapes of your jobs plans.

The system connects to your ERP via XML, that means you don’t need to change your existing ERP software to run the Production Planning System.