eProcurement System

The eProcurement portal streamlines the procurement process of large businesses. eProcurement portal is designed for the businesses who are making purchases from hundreds or thousands of vendors from diverse geographical locations.

eProcurement portal can be integrated with other systems like:

  • SAP

eProcurement portal is available as a hosted software so you don’t need to buy hardware or bandwidth.

eProcurement portal is currently being used by:

Following briefly describes the functionality of this software:

  • Once a purchase requisition is entered in the back-end ERP (like SAP or MAXIMO), the system automatically picks up the new purchase requisitions and post it on the portal. At the same time, an email message is sent to all relevant vendors who were already registered for the items included in the new purchase requisition.
  • Vendors log-on to the portal and view all open inquiries. From here they have the option to quote on the inquiries item by item with all possible details like payment terms, currency, shipment type, etc. Vendors can also attach files like product brochures, scanned copies of certificates or product images with a quotation.
  • Quotations filled and sent by vendors are presented to procurement department at a single page as an item by item comparative report.
  • eProcurement portal provides the feature to host the reverse auction among selected vendors where portal negotiates the price with each competing vendor.

For more information on eProcurement portal, please send an email to: info (at) softmatics.com

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