Consulting Services

SOFTMATICS can help you with the full-spectrum IT Consulting Services that many include:

Feasibility Study
This usually starts with discussion around your business requirements. In the next stage we conceptualizing your ideas and perform the feasibility study considering your prevailing business conditions and market offerings. The study can provide project estimated costs, user engagements, cost-to- benefits ratio of various options and other important factors.

Project Specifications
In this phase we generate specifications of each sub-system of the project. As projects grow in complexity, it becomes important to provide clear specifications for each sub-system so that vendors could work precisely on their parts. This ensures that all sub-systems work as required and fit in to the big picture perfectly.

Hardware Sourcing
In this phase we evaluate quotes from various hardware vendors and provide technical evaluation of each option. Hardware is usually purchased directly by the client from the vendor of their choice.

Software Sourcing
Same as hardware sourcing, we provide comparison of software options and recommendation.

Installation & Commissioning
During this phase, we supervise the installation and commissioning of hardware, network, software and other applications by their respective suppliers. We make sure that each part fits in to the bigger picture.

Dry Run & UAT
During this phase we test each sub-system individually and then do the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) that consists of running entire system with test data.

Project Handover
Following UAT, the project is formally handed over to client.

Maintenance / Support
Finally, we provide on-going support to ensure that entire solution remain in service without any break.

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