Offshore Software Development / Software Outsourcing Services

We provide Offshore Software Development and Software Outsourcing Services to small and medium companies in the US and Europe. Our dedicated resources free you from the development worries.

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Travel & Tourism System

A comprehensive software solution to manage your Travel & Tourism business that covers: 1- Visit Visas, 2-Air Ticketing, 3-Excursion (Hotel bookings, Safari, Cruise, etc), 4-Accounting.


AkerSolutions is a major provider of products, systems and services to the global offshore oil and gas industry.Having Head Office in Oslo, Norway AkerSolutions has presence in over 20 countries.

Our relationship with AkerSolutions spans over 4 years where we have delivered various small and large business applications.We have recently delivered a highly customized Help Desk System to AkerSolutions for their Global SLS Support Business.

Desktop App Development

You have an idea for software application? We can help you convert your idea into reality.We have extensive experience in developing Desktop Application where customer requires rapid development. Normally Desktop Applications are developed as front-ends of database to enter / view data or to view reports

Portal/Web Development

From small intranet solutions to the large web portals, we can help on end-to-end development.During last 10 years the world has witnessed a shift to Browser based applications from the Desktop applications. Traditionally the areas that were considered the choice for Desktop applications (like database front-ends) have gradually moved to Browser based model.

Mobile App Development

Mobile (iPhone & Android) apps are the next generation of computing.With the release of iPhone and competing Android based devices the world has turned its focus to computing on-the-go. This has resulted in a paradigm shift on how software were conceived, designed, developed and used.

Besides our experience in all prevailing technologies, our teams have capability to quickly get familiar with new technologies.

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