Custom Business Apps

From small intranet solutions to the large portals, we can help on end-to-end development.

Since our inception we have delivered numerous Portals / Applications particularly the Business Software. Our most recent portfolio include Web Applications that were based on HTML5 frameworks providing rich user experience. At the backend we use RESTful web services API. This results in clear division of front-end and back-end code. That also implies much easier project planning and management as different teams work on front-end and back-end.

Below is the project life-cyle that we follow for almost every project:

  • The process starts with careful analysis of the customer requirements. Requirements are documented and then signed off by the customer.
  • In the next step various solutions are evaluated. Merit and de-merits of each solution are discussed with the customer. Once a decision is reached it is made the basis for the further design.
  • Based on the solution agreed with the customer in the previous step, detailed design is worked out. This includes wire-frames to the maxium detail, database schemas, object diagrams, business validations, etc.
  • Design from the previous step is sent to the development teams for actual coding. Unit tests are also performed during this stage.
  • Once development is done the test plans are run and app is tested for real-world scenarios.
  • As the final step UAT (user acceptance tests) are conducted. The feedback from the end-users is implemented before the final release.

As a standard practice we offer our customers free-support, for a limited period, after the final delivery. Customers may enter into an on-going support agreement, if required.