Enterprise Helpdesk

Enterprise Helpdesk is a high performance solution that is capable of handling complex workflows for the massive amount of support tickets and contents.

Knowledge base is an integral part of the Enterprise Helpdesk.

Following are the core features of the Enterprise Helpdesk:

  • Enterprise Helpdesk is delivered as Cloud Hosted solution. It can be hosted at a data centers that is geographically close to your user base thus providing very low network latency.
  • Classification System allows the support staff to categorize the incoming tickets and the content in a structured way. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can be associated with the classifications.
  • The system incorporates a lightening-fast and accurate search engine.
  • Email to ticket feature allows external users to submit supports tickets and later on receive updates on their tickets.
  • Smart notification systems that sends out mail notification at pre-defined events such as new tickets.
  • Enterprise Helpdesk also comes with an add-on for the offline access. The offline version provides field-user level access of the system from location where network connectivity is either patchy or limited.

Enterprise Helpdesk is perfectly suited for large organizations with broad product portfolio and the support teams that are based in multiple locations. The solution is also well suited for the organizations with large fleet of vessels.

Enterprise Helpdesk is offered to the customers at fixed monthly cost. Also, it comes without any restriction on number of users. This brings great visibility in the overall future cost of the system.

The system is backed by 24×7 support.