SAP Fiori Services

Our team of SAP Certified Fiori Developers can help you at every step involving the Fiori Apps. Here is what we offer:

Activation of Standard Fiori Apps
We can help your S4 HANA installation to reap higher benefits by activating Standard SAP Fiori Apps. SAP has already delivered over 2,000 Standard Fiori Apps.  As a SAP customer these apps are available to you without any additional cost.

Fiori Apps can also be deployed for SAP ECC6 but such apps are limited in number.

Modification and Enhancements of Standard Fiori Apps
We also provide modification and enhancement services for Standard Fiori Apps. Modifications are done where a SAP customer requires to either hide some information to a role or display some additional information. Enhancements are done where a SAP customer requires a completely new view of the Standard Fiori App.

Customized Fiori App Development
Customized Fiori Apps allows the SAP customers to maintain all their data in HANA database. Such apps can be helpful in scenarios where data from SAP Netweaver (exposed through oData) and third party sources have to displayed in a combined views.

Development and Optimization of ABAP
We can provide ABAP development services at your location (in most parts of the Europe) and also remotely. ABAP development services are required to modify the code in the transactions, write new custom transactions or to generate new reports.

SAP Integration with third-party Apps
We have extensive experience in developing apps that are integrated with SAP and third party legacy systems. For integration of SAP (S4 HANA & ECC6) with external systems we use oData services exposed by the SAP Gateway. We have delivered several software projects that make use of oData services exposed from the SAP.