Customer Engagement
Customer engagement is about encouraging our customers to interact and share in their experiences. This is required for the success software projects as this engagement keeps the projects on track in terms of requirements, timeframe and budgets.

Project Management
Project Management is key to the success of projects. We try to optimize the entire life cycle of software projects by implementing the lessons that we have learned. Project Management starts right from the initial engagements with the customers. Our unique experience of working with clients from all over the world and working on diverse range of technologies enables us to put together the customized project plans for each project.

Production Quality
Once a Project Plan is laid out and major milestones are agreed with the customer, project quality is controlled by analyzing the development process through different dimensions. We have optimized this process in last 17 years with the help of our customer’s feedback and the numerous experiments in the field of software engineering.

Deliveries and Maintenance
Once all major milestones are delivered the project enters into delivery phase. Right after this phase the project goes into maintenance phase. Normally we have different teams managing the delivery and maintenance of projects, but this is done in close consultation with the core team.

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